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E-auction n°275  cgb.fr
Ancient, Royal, French and World coins, Jetons and Banknotes.

23 July 2018

Internet Currency Auction  Heritage Auctions, Inc.
Tuesday Internet Currency Auction #141830

24 July 2018

E-LIVE Auction 1  Roma Numismatics Ltd.
Session One
Celtic, Greek, Judaean, Roman Provincial, Republican & Imperatorial coins.

25 July 2018
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Electronic Auction 425  Classical Numismatic Group, Inc.
907 Lots of Ancient and World Coins and Medals

25 July 2018

Coin Auction  Heritage Auctions, Inc.
Internet Coin Auction #131830

25 July 2018

E-LIVE Auction 1  Roma Numismatics Ltd.
Session Two
Roman Imperial, Byzantine, Islamic, Medieval & Modern coins and large lots.

26 July 2018
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Auction #231830  Heritage Auctions, Inc.
Weekly World and Ancient Coin Auction

26 July 2018

Sommer-Auktion 32  Solidus Numismatik
Antike, Mittelalter, Neuzeit, Islam und Medaillen, Attraktive Münzgruppen
Ancient, Medieval, World and Islamic Coins, Medails, Attractive coin groups

28 July 2018
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24th online auction  Savoca Numismatik
Celtic, ancient greek, roman provincial, roman republic, roman empire, byzantine, mediaeval and world coins.

29 July 2018

E-Live-Auction 6  Nomisma Spa
Italian coins, Vatican coins and medals, world coins.

30 July 2018

Internet Auction July 2018  cgb.fr
Ancient, Royal, Modern and World coins, Jetons

31 July 2018

Auktion 68  Numismatik Naumann
Antike und moderne Münzen

5 August 2018

Auction 1  Janus Auctions Ltd.
World Paper Money Auction

5 August 2018

August Hong Kong Auction  Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio
Sessions A to F

9 August 2018

World Coins & Ancient Coins #3066  Heritage Auctions, Inc.
17 ANA WFOM World Coins & Ancient Coins Platinum Night Auction - Philadelphia #3066

17 August 2018

Auction 11  BAC Numismatics
Ancient, Medieval, and World Coins and Banknotes

6 September 2018
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Auktion 115  Teutoburger Münzauktion GmbH
Sammlung Nürnberg

7 September 2018

Auktion 116  Teutoburger Münzauktion GmbH
Sammlung Russland

7 September 2018

Public & LIVE Bid Auction 621  A.Karamitsos International Philatelic Auctions
Coins, Medals & Banknotes

8 September 2018

Auktion 117  Teutoburger Münzauktion GmbH

8 September 2018


9 September 2018
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Subasta Numismática 1104 – Mail auction only  MARTÍ HERVERA S.L
Ancient Coins, Islamic Coins, Spanish Monarchy, World Coins and a large and assorted quantity of World Banknotes

18 September 2018

Auction 314 – Online auction  Aureo & Calicó, S.L.
Ancient, Spanish, World coins, Medals and Banknotes

19 September 2018

Auction 315 – Online auction, Suleiman Collection  Aureo & Calicó, S.L.
World Paper Money

20 September 2018

The Lyall Collection of Cut and Countermarked Coins  Dix Noonan Webb
328 Lots

25 September 2018

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