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Lot 182

Estimate: 8'000 EUR   |   Starting price: 4'800 EUR Price realized: 6'500 EUR
Tetradrachme, 506 - 490. Archaischer Kopf der Athena mit Zickzackmuster verziertem Helm, langer Nase, großen spiralförmig endenden Locken, dicken Lippen und großem Auge in Linsenform nach rechts, hinter dem Nackenschutz Lotusblüte (!). Rs: AQE, Eule steht nach rechts, Kopf frontal, im linken Feld gespreizter Olivenzweig, alles im Quadratum Incusum. Asyut Hoard - (vgl. 285, ohne Beizeichen Lotusblüte), BMC - (vgl. 1ff.), Svoronos - (vgl. Taf. 5/25, ohne Beizeichen Lotusblüte), Seltman - (347 ff., ohne Beizeichen Lotusblüte). 17,33g. Sehr selten. Fast vorzüglich. Most likely unpublished type with Lotus blossom behind neck. While the later classical types of the Tetradrachms of Athens display the Lotus blossom as an ornament on the helmet, the Lotus blossom on this coin is placed behind the neck. Maybe this piece in some way can be interpreted as the ornamental prototype/forerunner for the Tetradrachms of the classical period. Furthur, the location of the new element on the coin has been changed. The origin of the Lotus as ornamental element can be attributed to Egypt, from where it had made its way to Greece. There the Lotus blossom was adopted on coins; among other things.

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