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Lot 203

Estimate: 5'000 EUR   |   Starting price: 3'000 EUR ---
Goldstater, im Namen und Stil des Lysimachos, nach 281 v. Chr. Kopf des vergöttlichten Alexanders als Zeus Ammon mit Diadem nach rechts. Rs: BASILEWS - LUSIMAXOY, Athena mit Nike nach links thronend, die Linke auf, am Thron lehnenden, Schild gestützt, im linken inneren Feld Monogramm, in exergue: Weizenähre (!) nach links. Müller, Lysimachos 508, SNG Fitzwilliam 1843. 8,51g. Selten. Winziger Kratzer auf Rs., sonst vorzüglich. The attribution to Kalchedon is based on the style which is found on compareable staters but with a K-monogramm instead (c. Lanz, Auction 158, 5 June 2014/Lot 212). One might get the impression that this group of coins was created by the same diecutter (or "art school"), who stands out with his fine artistic style. Furthermore a mintmark, which had not been noted before, is attached to our coin. On the reverse a thin grain ear is placed in exergue below the baseline and is hardly to be seen. It is another hint that this coin could be identified as Kalchedonian. Corn ears in exergue also appear on compareable Tetradrachms, which are being attributed to this city.

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