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Lot 87

Estimate: 5'000 EUR   |   Starting price: 3'000 EUR Price realized: 8'500 EUR
Goldstater, im Namen und Stil Alexanders III., Abydos. Kopf der Athena mit korinthischem Helm nach rechts, auf der Kalotte Greif nach rechts. Rs: AΛEΞANΔPOY, Nike mit Stylis im linken Arm nach links stehend, in der Rechten Kranz haltend, in der Linken Stylis, im linken Feld Weizenähre, unter dem linken Flügel Monogramm, alles im Fadenkreis. Price 1519. 8,62g. Bestens zentriertes Prachtexemplar, fast Stempelglanz. Struck under Leonnatos, Arrhidaios, or Antigonos I. Monophthalmos. Outer circular auxiliary line on revers completely visible (two, hardly visible, additional subsidiary lines indicated near the center of the illustration of the revers). That kind of circular lines give some insight into the production of coins/dies as they were a helpful device for the die cutter to adjust the size (respectively the proportion) of the particular illustration carved into the die. As we can clearly see on this specimen Nike and "her" attributs (Stylis, Wreath, Monogramm, Grain ear) pervectly fit into that circle as they are slightly touching it. Such subsidiary lines are also sometimes found on other coins. The Tetradrachm from Odessos Numismatik Lanz Auktion 159/Lot 105, for example shows several, similar subsidiary lines on the Revers. On the whole one might get the impression that the die of that Tetradrachm has not been finished (back of throne indicated with a very thin line, Legend not finished - oblique arrangement of ALEXANDR instead of ALEXANDROY, etc. etc.) before it was used. Why the auxiliary lines on this Goldstater have not been removed after finishing the die is unclear.

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