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Lot 99

Estimate: 6'000 EUR   |   Starting price: 3'600 EUR Price realized: 4'800 EUR
PHILIPPOS V. (221 - 179)
Tetradrachme, 202 - 200, Pella. Makedonischer Schild, im Zentrum Kopf des Perseus mit geflügeltem Greifenkopfhelm links, dahinter Harpa. Rs: BAΣIΛEΩΣ - ΦIΛIΠΠOY, Keule mit nach links weisendem Griff, das Ganze in links gebundenem Eichenkranz, links der Buchstabe M. Boehringer, Zur Chronologie mittelhellenistischer Münzserien, Berlin 1972, Tf. 8/7, Burrer JNG 59 (2007)/7 (Stempel A3/R6), AMNG III Seite 197, 1 (Philip VI Andriskos), SNG Alpha Bank -. 17,03g. Selten mit dicker Keule. Fein getönt, vorzügliches Prachtexemplar. The identification as a coin being struck under Philipp VI. Andriskos is mostly refuted today (compare Burrer Page 3). That coin rather belongs to a group which is to be seen in connection of PhilipV.`s military activities in Thrace and Western Asia Minor and is interesting for various historical reasons. So is it the first time for Heros Perseus to appear on a Macedonian coin and Burrer sees the birth of the heir of the throne Perseus in the year 212 B.C. as a possible terminus post quem. The political and dynastic reasons why Philipp named his son after this heros, who had not been worshipped in Macedonia until then, are convincingly explained by Burrer.

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