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Lot 111

Estimate: 1'500 EUR   |   Starting price: 900 EUR ---
1/3 Stater, vor 500 v. Chr. Satyr, eine Nymphe raubend, im Knielauf nach rechts. Rs: Quadratum Incusum. Le Rider Thasiennes 3, HGC 6, 332, SNG Copenhagen -, BMC -, Traitè -, BMC -. 3,16g. Äußerst selten, wohl 2. Bekanntes Exemplar. Kleine Prüfspur am Rand, fast vorzüglich. Second known specimen. A. Tsintsifos (Perix Pangeion Epeiros Part 2, page 74/Nr. 9) ascribes that coin to the "Emporium" Methone (based on the Methone-code), a Thasian market place which had been founded on the mainland between Mount Pangaion and Mount Symbolon in order to facilitate the trade with precious metals. The denomination of a silver 1/3 Stater indeed is very scarce and not common at all to the Thasian weightstandard. However contemporaneous monetary systems in Minor Asia know that denomination (Lydia or Lycia). In northern Greek for example it is also the Bisaltae (Mosses-type) who introduced that weightstandard into their system. Alltogether various denominations occur in the Thracian-Macedonian region around 500 B.C. That melting pot of monetary units in that area is accounted for by the abundant gold and silverdeposits around mount Pangaion (at the mouth of the Struma, Modern Greek: Strymónas, River), which in turn attracted miners/settlers/ merchants (mind the expedition of Kimon in the year 463 B.C. to gain attic controll over mount Pangaion) from all geographic directions and enhanced the trade between the regions of the ancient world (some treatises to be mentioned: "Early Extractive Iron Metallurgy in Northern Greece: a unified approach to regional archaeornetallurgy", Euphemia Photos; "Das Pangaion / Ein altes Bergbauzentrum in Ostmakedonien", Heinz Josef Unger; "A Companion to ancient Macedonia" edited by Roisman/ Worthington; recently "Perix Pangeion Epeiros" Part 1-2 by A. Tsintsifos).

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