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Lot 225

Estimate: 800 EUR   |   Starting price: 480 EUR ---
ALYATTES - KROISOS (circa 620 - 546)
1/24 Elektronstater, um 600 v. Chr. (Lydo- Milesischer Standard). Stierkopf nach links, Horn als spitzer Konus gebildet, hinter dem Horn zwei, die Mähne andeutende, Punkte. Rs: Unregelmäßiges Incusum. Slg. Rosen -, Weidauer -, SNG Kayhan -, Linzalone -. 0,66g. Äußerst selten. Fast vorzüglich. The linemanagement of the avers (compare CNG Auktion 96, 14.5.2014/Lot 486), the weight-standard, as well as the structure of the Incusum of the revers with its sharp edges as well as the diameter of the Incusum strongly support an assignation to Lydia. Morever the bull is a general topic on Lydian coins.

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