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Lot 246

Estimate: 250 EUR   |   Starting price: 150 EUR Price realized: 160 EUR
Bronze, 36 - 17 (autonom während der Regierungszeit des Archelaus). Aegis. Rs: Berg Argaios, darunter YΣEBEIAΣ / T. Sydenham 4 (kein Bildnachweis), SNG Copenhagen -, SNG Aulock -, BMC 1 (kein Bildnachweis). 3,90g. Äußerst selten. sehr schön. Mazaca, the original name of the capital of Cappadocia, was changed to Eusebia in honor of the Cappadocian king Ariarathes V. Eusebes Philopator of Cappadocia (163–130 BC). Under the new name of Caesarea, by which it has since been known, given to it by the last Cappadocian King Archelaus, the city passed under formal Roman rule in 17 B.C. No coins bearing the name Mazaca are known and the earliest coin issues are assigned to the reign of Archelaus. The Aegis on the Avers is probably copied from the coins from Pontus. The connection of these two aereas began far back as the time of Ariarathes I. No picture credits found for this type.

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