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Lot 247

Estimate: 200 EUR   |   Starting price: 120 EUR Price realized: 120 EUR
Bronze, 36 - 17 (autonom während der Regierungszeit des Archelaus ?). Pferdekopf nach rechts. Rs: Palmzweig mit Taenia. SNG BM - (984), SNG Stancomb - (653), BMC - (Cappadocia, vgl. S. 46 Nr. 9; Palmzweig mit Taenia auf Revers und der Legende EYΣEBEIAΣ), Sydenham - (vgl. 19, dito). 2,52g. Fast vorzüglich. There is strong iconographic evidence, that this type of coin had been struck in Eusebeia or at least in the Cappadocian area. That argumentation can be based on a cointype from Eusebeia, which undisputed belongs to the earliest bronze coins of that city. That type shows Tyche on the avers and a palmbranch with taenia on the revers, the surrounding legend "EYSEBEIAS" leaves no doubt about its provenance (Sydenham, Cappadocia, Nr. 19). The style of the image of the "palm branch with taenia" on both coins as well as their workmanship is this similar, that one, with good reason, can think of the same origin. Moreover there is another hint which is connected to the horse`s head on the avers. The name Cappadocia, that is to say, is derived from the old Persian word "Katpatuka", which means "land of the beautiful horses". Thick round planchet.

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