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Lot 249

Estimate: 150 EUR   |   Starting price: 90 EUR Price realized: 180 EUR
Bronze, 36 - 17 (autonom während der Regierungszeit des Archelaus ?). Pferdekopf mit Stern, Perlkreis. Rs: Palmzweig mit Taenia und 12- strahligem Stern. SNG BM 984, SNG Stancomb 653. 1,97g. Vorzüglich. Iconographic and stylistic argumentation connects that coin to the preceeding pieces (the revers does not show a comet but rather a palm branch with taenia combined with a star - see Rauch Auction 95/Lot 104, annotation). The illustration of two stars, a head of a horse and a palmbranch on one coin lets the beholder think of the Dioscouri. That cult seems not be be unknown in Eusebia and evidence comes from the numismatic sector. Another coin with the legend "EYSEBEIAS" is registered in Sydenham (Caesarea, Nr. 18) and shows, flanking a palm branch, the two, star topped, caps of the Dioscouri. It is not fallacious that the image of these Cappadocian coins is influenced by the area of Pontus. And Sydenham already mentioned that the Aegis on the earliest unquestionable Cappadocian coins is derived from the region of Pontus.

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