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Lot 943

Estimate: 90'000 EUR   |   Starting price: 54'000 EUR Price realized: 54'000 EUR
JUSTINIANUS (527 - 565)
Solidus, 537 - 540, Alexandria. D N IVSTINI-ANVS PP AVC, drapierte Büste mit Helm, geschulterterter Lanze und Schild in Vorderansicht. Rs. VICTORI-A AVCCC A, im Abschnitt ALEXA OB, Victorial in Vorderansicht stehend, in der Rechten Kreuzstab, in der Linken Globus, rechts im Feld Stern. Hahn, MIB -; DOC -; Sear -; Sommer -; Lanz/Bernardi Auktion 148, 2010, Nr. 167. 4,43g. 2. Bekanntes Exemplar Prachtexemplar, Stempelglanz. Until very recently numismatists believed that during the reign of the emperor Justinian I solidi were exclusively minted in Constantinople. Since the first sample of an Alexandrian solidus with the bust of Justinian made its appearance at our Auction 148 we know that a very small number of these nowadays extremely rare coins was produced in Alexandria. These solidi were most likely minted within the short period 537-540, when Paul of Tabennese was patriarch of Alexandria. Having deposed the uncooperative former patriarch Theodosius, Justinianus with intent to tighten his hold on Egypt enthroned Paul as the new ecclesiastical and imperial governor of the Egyptian provinces. Paul was endowed with the power of a viceroy, and he tried to achieve both, the acceptance of the orthodox confession in monophysitic Alexandria and the surpression of the nationalistic and separatistic factions. In the end he failed and was removed from power. As a result this Alexandrian solidus - especially in this excellent state of preservation - is a very impressive historical document for Justinianus' efforts to unify religion and to win back the command over more or less insubordinate parts of the Roman Empire, (J. Nollé will deal with this issue in a special essay in Gephyra 7, 2011).

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