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Estimate: 250 CHF   |   Starting price: 200 CHF Price realized: 900 CHF
Pseudo-imperial coinage. In the name of Honorius, 393-423. Siliqua, Carthage circa 440-490, AR 1.42 g. D N HONORI – VSPF AVC Pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust r. Rev. [VRBS] ROIIA Roma seated l. on cuirass, holding Victory on globe in r. hand and spear in l.; in exergue, [RVPS]. BMC Vandals 6-9 (Gaiseric). MIB –. MEC I, 1. Morrison-Schwarts, ANSMN 27, 62 var.
Old cabinet tone and good very fine
Ex Leu-NFA 16 October 1984, Garrettt part II, 478, and Leu 86, 2003, 1060 sales.
This coin imitates issues of Honorius from Ravenna and was probably struck by Gaiseric (428-477). He was an incredible king: he soon defeated the Suevi in 429, conquered Africa and the important city of Carthage, but Gaiseric was above all famous for his sack of Rome in 455. During his reign, the Vandals maintained themselves as a Germanic aristocracy above the local population and with separate laws, but their Arianism made them unpopular. After the death of Gaiseric, the Vandals controlled much of Africa and all the islands in the western Mediterranean.

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