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Lot 1097

Estimate: 1'500 CHF   |   Starting price: 1'200 CHF Price realized: 2'000 CHF
Odovacar, 476-493
In the name of Zeno, 474-491. Solidus, Roma 476-493, AV 4.36 g. DN ZENO P – ERP F AVG Pearl-diademed, helmeted and cuirassed bust facing, three-quarters r., holding spear and decorated shield with horseman and fallen enemy motif. Rev. VICTOR – I – A AVCCC G · Victory standing l., holding long jewelled cross; in r. field, star, and in exergue, · COMOB ·. BMC Vandals –. Kraus –. Lacam pl. 50, 16 (this coin). RIC 3656.
Very rare. Minor area of weaknees on obverse, otherwise good very fine
Ex M. Dürr - R. Michel sale 8 November 1999, Lacam, 231.
To this day the reasons behind the appearance of dots around COMOB and at the end of the legend remain unclear. Probably the letter G indicated the officina or the year; however the problem of interpreting such numerals stems from possible links with the Roman folles of Zeno.

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