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Estimate: 300 CHF   |   Starting price: 240 CHF Price realized: 240 CHF
Municipal Bronze Coinage of Roma
Class 2. Heavy series. Follis (40 nummi), Roma 493-553 Æ 19.45 g. IMVICT – A ROMA Helmeted and cuirassed bust of Roma r. Rev. She-wolf standing l., suckling twins; in field above, XL and in exergue Ÿ III Ÿ. BMC Vandals 25. Kraus –. MIB 70 (Theoderic). MEC I, 93-94 var. (IIII in exergue). Metlich 82 a (Athalaric).
Green patina and very fine
During Odovacar and the Ostrogoths, there was a revival of the ancient Senatorial privilege of minting in bronze. The Senatorial issues began with 40 nummus pieces (folles) struck in the name of Zeno. They were followed by folles and half folles of a purely Roman character, making no reference to imperial or royal authority. These issues have the obverse inscription Invicta (or Imvicta) Roma and a helmeted bust or Roma, referring to the traditions of the immortal city, especially on the reverse with the eagle, the fig tree and the she-wolf. The reverses always includes a mark of value in Roman numerals and the folles also have an officina numeral. These issues are differentiated by weight into two classes. No hoard evidence is available, so there is dissent between scholars about authorities issuing them. In general, the purely Senatorial coinage came to an end in 535 or 536, when it was briefly succeeded by the portrait folles of Theodahad (MEC I, pp. 32-33).

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