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Lot 1114

Estimate: 1'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 800 CHF Price realized: 1'200 CHF
Municipal Bronze Coinage of Roma
Class 3. Light series. Follis (40 nummi), Roma 493-553, Æ 12.67 g. INVICT – A ROMA Helmeted and cuirassed bust of Roma r. Rev. Eagle standing l. with open wings; in l. field, XL. BMC Vandals 6-7. Kraus –. MIB 74 b (Theoderic and Athalaric). MEC I, 100 var. (II in exergue). Metlich 76a (Theoderic).
A very rare variety and in exceptional condition for the issue.
Brown tone and good very fine
Ex NAC Autumn 95 sale 1995, 709.
This is a very rare variety missing the officina letter on the reverse. Metlich only cites two specimens in private hands and this is one of the two.

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