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Lot 1144

Estimate: 1'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 800 CHF Price realized: 800 CHF
Theoderic, 493-526
Pseudo-Imperial Coinage. In the name of Anastasius, 491-518. Tremissis, Mediolanum 493-526, AV 1.44 g. DN ANASTA – SIVS PP AVC Pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust r.; in field above, star. Rev. VICTORIA AVCVSOROM Victory advancing r. with bust three-quarters l., holding wreath in r. hand and globus cruciger in l.; in l. field, star and in exergue, CONOB. BMC Vandals 8. Kraus 16. MIB I, 23b. MEC I, 116. Metlich 27.
Rare. Good extremely fine
Kent (op. cit.) was the first scholar to ascribe tremisses to the mint of Mediolanum for the style and for the legend on the obverse PP AVC and the sigla CONOB on the reverse. This attribution was verified by the finding of a matching specimen with MD in field on reverse (see MIB I, fig. 34).

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