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Lot 1158

Estimate: 2'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 1'600 CHF Price realized: 3'250 CHF
Athalaric, 526-534
Pseudo-Imperial Coinage. In the name of Justin I, 518-527. Solidus, Roma 526-527, AV 4.36 g. DN IVSTI – NVS PF AVC (AV ligate) Pearl-diademed, helmeted and cuirassed bust facing, three-quarters r., holding spear and decorated shield with horseman and fallen enemy motif. Rev. VICTOR – I – A AVCCC A Victory standing l., holding long jewelled cross; in l. field, star, and in exergue, COMOB. BMC Vandals 14 var (AV not ligate). Kraus (Theoderich). 28 var (AV not ligate). MIB 24 var (AV not ligate). MEC I, –. Metlich 32 var (AV not ligate).
Good extremely fine
Ex Kovacs sale 27, 1994, 113.
Upon the death of Theoderic, Athalaric, the heir to the throne, was too young and so the regency devolved upon his mother, Amalasutha, Theoderic’s daughter. She tried to raise her son in a Roman manner and also attempted to improve relations between the Ostrogoths and Justinian. Her plans were impeded by the Gothic nobility who strongly disagreed with the cultural education of the future king. But all finished with the Athalaric’s death: he died of ”premature intemperance” at the age of 16. She then, to mantain her rule, married her weak cousin Theodahad, who almost immediately had her imprisoned and then strangled in her bath.

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