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Lot 1181

Estimate: 500 CHF   |   Starting price: 400 CHF Price realized: 600 CHF
Athalaric, Theodahad and Witigis, 526-540
Pseudo-Imperial Coinage. In the name of Justinian I, 527-565. Tremissis, Roma 530-539, AV 1.46 g. DN IVSTINI – ANVS PG AVC Pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust r. Rev. VICTORIA AVGVSTORVM (RV ligate) Victory advancing r. with bust three-quarters l., holding wreath in r. hand and globus cruciger in l.; in r. field, star, and in exergue, COMOB. BMC Vandals 10 var. (PF, AV ligate and RV not ligate, Ravenna). Kraus 10 var. (PF, AV ligate and RV not ligate, Ravenna). MIB I, 29a var. (RV not ligate). MEC I, 123 var. (AV ligate, RV not ligate). Metlich 372 var. (RV not ligate).
Very rare. Light reddish tone and extremely fine
Ex Nomisma sale 22, 2002, 473.
Exergual line ends with two dots.

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