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Lot 445

Estimate: 2'500 EUR   |   Starting price: 1'500 EUR Price realized: 2'600 EUR
SYAGRIUS (430-486/7)
Tremissis im Namen des Zeno, Clermont circa 474/475. D N ZENO +PERP AVG. Drapierte und kürassierte Büste mit Diadem nach rechts. Kreuz über dem Kopf des Kaisers. Rs: VICTORI- +A AVGGG S. Victoria mit juwelenbesetzten Kreuzstab nach links stehend. Im Feld rechts Stern. CONOB im Abschnitt. Vgl. cf. MEC I 173 (im Namen des Valentinianus III.); RIC 3772. 1,42g. Äußerst selten. Vorzüglich. Aus der Sammlung Marc Poncin. According to Pierre Crinon the piece was probably struck circa 474/475 in Clermont under Syagrius. The letter S after COMOB possibly could be for Syagrius, just as the letter S was for Sigusmund for Burgundian coins . Syagrius did not recongnise the authority of Odovacer and Romulus Augustus as they had overthrown in a coup the legitimate emperor Julius Nepos , this is why Syagrius struck in the name of Zeno. Syagrius was the last Roman military commander in Gaul whose defeat by king Clovis I of the Franks is considered the end of Western Roman rule outside of Italy.

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