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Lot 6

Estimate: 2'500 CHF   |   Starting price: 2'000 CHF Price realized: 4'500 CHF
The Roman Republic
Imperatorial Issues
L. Hostilius Saserna. Denarius 48, AR 3.85 g. Female head r. with long hair; behind, carnyx. Rev. [L·]HOSTILIVS – SASERNA Artemis standing facing, holding spear and placing r. hand on head of prancing stag. Babelon Hostilia 4. Sydenham 953. Sear Imperators 19. RBW 1570. Crawford 448/3.
Wonderful old cabinet tone, virtually as struck and almost Fdc
Ex Leu 17, 1977, Nicolas, 665 and NAC 73, 2013, Student and his Mentor II, 186 sales. Some years ago I wrote an article for the Celator magazine about the Gallic carnyx – or war horn. I had long known that this particular issue of Saserna included the carnyx behind the female head on the obverse. The problem was getting a coin that wasn’t either off centre or had the carnyx shown well engraved. This particular coin finally came on the market and I snatched it up. It is still the best version of the carnyx that I have ever seen on a coin. This is a nice full flan with all details as engraved and intended. MSG.

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