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Lot 21

Estimate: 30'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 24'000 CHF Price realized: 110'000 CHF
The Roman Republic
Imperatorial Issues
M. Antonius and P. Clodius. Denarius 42, AR 3.63 g. M.ANTONIVS – III·VIR·R·P·C· Bearded head of M. Antony r. Rev. P. CLODIV[S] – M·F· Mars naked but for helmet standing facing, holding spear in r. hand and sword in scabbard in l. C 72. Babelon Clodia 19 and Antonia 20. Sydenham 1121. Sear Imperators 148. RBW –. Crawford 494/17.
Extremely rare and among the finest specimens known of this very difficult issue.
A superb portrait of fine style and an enchanting old cabinet tone, insignificant
area of weakness on obverse, otherwise good extremely fine
Ex Adolph Cahn & Adolph Hess Nachf., 17 July 1933, Haeberlin, 2922; Munzhandlung Basel 8, 1937, 518; Glendining’s, 19 August 1950, Platt Hall, 674 and UBS 78, 2008, 112 sales.

This is a recent purchase from Ed Waddell. I had already been contemplating selling my collection when Ed presented me this coin. I was so glad it became a part of my collection. Easily the most attractive Marc Antony I have ever seen. This is a wonder coin in my opinion. And take a look at the provenance…. MSG.

This particularly fine denarius of the bearded Mark Antony was struck by the moneyer, P. Clodius, son of Marcus, of whom no mention is made in history. He struck coins for the deified Julius Caesar, Mark Antony and Octavian, all of which share the same reverse type depicting the god of war, Mars, armed and ready for battle. Coins in Clodius’ name bearing Caesar’s portrait are truly exceptional, having realistic features that typify the best of Caesar's lifetime issues. This coin, depicting the Antony with a slight beard, expresses the triumvir’s grief over the assassination of his patron. All of these coins were struck in preparation for the upcoming contest of power with the republican forces under Brutus and Cassius in the east.

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