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Lot 38

Estimate: 15'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 12'000 CHF Price realized: 42'500 CHF
The Roman Empire
Octavian, 32 – 29 BC
Denarius, Brundisium or Roma 32-29 BC, AR 3.74 g. Bare head r. Rev. CAESAR – DIVI·F Pax, draped, standing l., holding olive branch and cornucopiae. C 69. BMC 605. RIC 252. Sear Imperators 399. CBN 27.
Very rare and possibly the finest specimen known. An absolutely spectacular
portrait in the finest style of the period. Lovely light iridescent tone,
virtually as struck and almost Fdc
Privately purchased from Freeman and Sear. Ex NAC sale 23, 2002, 1448.

If I was going to build a new collection of 12 Caesars in silver this would be one of the coins I would start with. Simply put, of all the great denarii I have owned of Octavian/Augustus, this coin stands alone for quality and artistic merit. MSG.

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