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Lot 44

Estimate: 3'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 2'400 CHF Price realized: 3'250 CHF
The Roman Empire
Octavian, 32 – 29 BC
Denarius, Brundisium or Roma 29-27 BC, AR 3.72 g. Laureate head of Apollo r. Rev. Octavian, veiled and laureate, holding whip and ploughing with yoke of oxen to r.; in exergue, IMP CAESAR. C 117. BMC 638. RIC 272. Sear Imperators 424. CBN 92.
Light iridescent tone and good extremely fine
Ex NAC sale 23, 2002, 1453. From the Alberto Campana collection.

This issue is related to the foundation of new cities/towns necessary to settle the Roman troops after the long civil war. The perimeter of such locations was defined by plowing a border line around the new region. This was one of the great challenges facing Octavian as he needed to fulfill the promises to all the soldiers who were retiring after years of protracted service. The simple design of this coin understates the tremendous importance of this achievement. Not only did Octavian meet the promises made to the troops but he spread Roman settlements throughout the empire. It really was one of his finer acts at this time. MSG.

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