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Lot 63

Estimate: 2'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 1'600 CHF Price realized: 2'000 CHF
The Roman Empire
Octavian, as Augustus 27 BC – 14 AD
Cistophoric tetradrachm, Pergamum circa 19-18 BC, AR 11.90 g. IMP IX TR PO V Bare head r. Rev. COM – ASIAE Hexastyle temple with pediment inscribed ROM ET AVGVST. C 86. BMC 705. RIC 506. RPC 2219. Sutherland 524.
Wonderful old cabinet tone and very fine
Ex Naville XI, 1925, 211 and Lanz 109, 2002,281 sales.

One of the tougher cistophori with a nice reverse detail. It also has the typical Pergamum artistic portrait of Augustus. Although worship of the emperor was illegal in Rome, it was often overlooked, if not encouraged, in the provinces. Here the design of a common temple design where worship of Rome and Augustus was standard practice. MSG.

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