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Lot 79

Estimate: 6'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 4'800 CHF Price realized: 8'500 CHF
The Roman Empire
Octavian, as Augustus 27 BC – 14 AD
Sestertius, Lugdunum circa 9-14 AD, Æ 26.01 g. CAESAR AVGVSTVS DIVI F PATER PATRIAE Laureate head r. Rev. Front elevation of altar of Lugdunum decorated with corona civica between laurel branches, nude male figures on either side, flanked by victories on columns facing each other; below, ROM ET AVG. C 236. BMC 565. RIC 231a. CBN 1695.
Very rare. Brown tone and good very fine
Ex M&M 43, 1970, 278; Shulman 291, 1990, 1018 and Künker 124, 2007, 8659 sales.

Perhaps ten years ago I missed out on a better specimen than this because, at the time, I did not realize how difficult this issue was in high grade. I have seen others since then with either a nice obverse or a nice reverse – but never both. This is a very complete coin exhibiting good detail on both sides. It is so tough to find better. MSG.

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