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Lot 99

Estimate: 20'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 16'000 CHF Price realized: 16'000 CHF
The Roman Empire
Gaius, 37 – 41
Denarius circa 40, AR 3.72 g. C CAESAR AVG PON M TR POT III COS III Laureate head r. Rev. S·P·Q·R / P·P / OB·C·S· within oak wreath. C 21. BMC p. 150, note. RIC 28. CBN 39.
Very rare and among the finest specimens known of this very
difficult issue. Light iridescent tone and extremely fine
Ex M&M 72, 1987, 727; M&M 92, 2002, 26 and NAC 80, 2014, 58 sales.

Of the four main types of Caligula this one is truly difficult to find. This was a fairly recent purchase which finally allowed me to complete the main ”type set” of coinage of Caligula. This is really a nice coin. MSG.

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