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Lot 235

Estimate: 9'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 7'200 CHF Price realized: 14'000 CHF
The Roman Empire
Restoration coin of Trajan
Restored issue of M. Porcius Cato. Denarius circa 112-113, AR 3.10 g. Draped and diademed female bust r.; behind, ROMA and below, CATO. Rev. IMP CAES TRAIAN AVG GER DAC P P REST Victory seated r., holding patera and palm branch; in exergue, VICTRIX. C –. BMC –. RIC 775. CBN –. Komnick 11.0. Woytek 809 (these dies). Woytek NC 2004, pp. 227-233 and pl. 25 (these dies).
Of the highest rarity, apparently only the second specimen known
and the only one in private hands. A very intriguing issue,
lightly toned and good very fine
Ex NAC sale 78, 2014, 933. The restoration types of Trajan rank among the most interesting of all Roman coins. They have long been appreciated not only for their rarity and historical interest, but also for the evidence they offer that on some occasions Romans took pause to recognize their coins as items of singular interest. There can be no doubt that these nostalgic issues represent a rare numismatic indulgence on the part of the emperor and his officials at the Rome mint. The restorations celebrate types that had been issued over a period of about three centuries. They are segregated into two major groups: denarii bearing types of the early Republic through the reign of Augustus and aurei honouring rulers from Julius Caesar through Nerva. Though their great rarity assures that not every type has yet been discovered, at present 50 distinct issues are recorded for denarii and 28 for aurei.

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