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Lot 260

Estimate: 4'500 CHF   |   Starting price: 3'600 CHF Price realized: 14'500 CHF
The Roman Empire
Hadrian, 117 – 134
Cistophoric tetradrachm, Nicomedia in Bithynia circa 138, AR 10.34 g. IMP CAES TRA – HADRIANO AVG P P Laureate head r. Rev. S – P R / COM BIT Octastyle temple on three steps; across frieze, ROM S P AVG. C 246 var. (bare head). BMC 1098 note. RIC 4262b. Metcalf, Cistophori –, cf. B12/30.
In exceptional condition for the issue. A magnificent portrait struck on a very broad
flan and a superb light iridescent tone. About extremely fine
Ex Gorny & Mosch sale 114, 2002, 270.

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