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Estimate: 60'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 48'000 CHF Price realized: 100'000 CHF
The Roman Empire
Valentinian II, 375-392
Medallion of 6 siliquae, Aquileia circa 385, AR 13.58 g. D N VALENTINI - ANVS P F AVG Pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust r. Rev. VOT/X/MVLT/XX within wreath; in exergue, AQPS. Gnecchi –. C –. Toynbee –. RIC –. NAC sale 29, 2005, 647.
Of the highest rarity, only the second specimen known. A spectacular medallion
perfectly struck on sound metal with an iridescent tone and
an impressive portrait in the finest style of the period.
Virtually as struck and almost Fdc
This impressive silver multiple, of a previously unrecorded type, is the equivalent of 3 light miliarenses or 6 siliquae. Worth one quarter of the gold solidus, the triple-miliarensis weighs 1/24th of a Roman pound and was first struck as a denomination at the end of the reign of Constantine the Great (A.D. 336-7). Most recorded examples feature the reverse legend Triumfator Gentium Barbararum with a standing figure of the emperor, though several other types are known. The last issue of these multiples in the West was in the early 5th century, though in the Eastern Empire the denomination survived for a further century. Votive legends on triple-miliarenses are unusual and no examples have been published for the second half of the 4th century. This specimen commemorates the completion of the first decade of the young Valentinian's reign and bears the mint mark of Aquileia in northern Italy. There are no published silver coins of this mint recording Valentinian's decennalia, though there are rare issues in gold and bronze. During this period, the imperial court was normally in residence at Milan, so the most likely occasion for the production of this remarkable type at Aquileia would have been the emperor's stay in the city in the latter part of A.D. 385. There may have been celebrations at this time to commemorate his first decade of rule with consequent presentations of specially minted coins to high officials.

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