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Lot 1029

Estimate: 12'500 CHF   |   Starting price: 10'000 CHF Price realized: 17'000 CHF
Greek Coins
Sicily, Syracuse. 15 litrae or Tridrachm 287-278 BC under Hiketas II, AR 12.65 g.
Description Head of Persephone l., wearing wreath of grain ears, single-pendant earring, and necklace; bee to right. Rev. Fast quadriga driven l. by Nike, holding kentron in extended r. hand and reins in l.; star of eight rays above. In exergue, [S]YPAKOSIΩN. References
Jameson 872 (this coin)
SNG Lockett 1008 (these dies)
Gulbenkian 346-7 (these dies)
SNG ANS 754 Condition
Very rare. An interesting issue struck on a broad flan and with an enchanting old cabinet tone. Good very fine / about extremely fine Provenance
Hirsch sale XV, 1909, Philipsen collection, 1252
Triton sale II, 1998, 271
CNG e-Auction 271, 2012, Property of Princeton Economics acquired by Martin Armstrong, 12
CNG sale 93, 2013, 80
The Jameson collection
The ADM collection
Although lacking his name, this very rare 15-litrae piece, or tridrachm, dates from the time when Hiketas II ruled Syracuse as tyrant (287-278 B.C.). The types depict the head of Kore (Persephone) on the obverse and Nike driving a galloping quadriga on the reverse, which copy respectively the second and first tetradrachm issues of Hiketas’ predecessor, Agathokles. Little is known of Hiketas’ nine-year rule at Syracuse: Diodoros records that he waged war against the tyrant of Akragas, Phintias, over whom he won a considerable victory, and that he also fought against the Carthaginians, who defeated him at the river Terias. He was expelled from Syracuse by Thynion shortly before Pyrrhos arrived in Sicily (Diod. Exc. Hoesch. XXI.12, 13; XXII.2, 6).

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