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Lot 1044

Estimate: 15'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 12'000 CHF Price realized: 12'000 CHF
Greek Coins
Kings of Macedonia, Alexander I, 498-454. Octodrachm circa 492-480 BC, AR 29.00 g.
Description Warrior, wearing causia and holding two spears, standing behind horse. Rev. Quadripartite incuse square. References
Svoronos, Hellénisme Primitif pl. 12, 6 (The Bisaltae)
D. Raymond, Macedonian Regal Coinage to 413 B.C. in ANS NNM 126 (1953), pl. II, 6
Kraay, ACGC pl. 27, 493 (The Bisaltae)
Kent-Hirmer 385 (this obverse die) Condition
Rare. An impressive specimen of this interesting issue. Struck on a very broad flan and with a light tone, extremely fine Provenance
Leu sale 65, 1996, 129
CNG Classical Numismatic Review XXI, 1996, 9
Hess-Divo sale 329, 2015, 50
The traditional attribution of this and similar types to the Bisaltae is by no means certain. As a matter of fact, while Svoronos, arguing from stylistic features, actually listed uninscribed octodrachms among the issues of the Bisaltae (cfr. Svoronos, L’hellenisme primitive de la Macédoine, Paris/Athens, 1919), Doris Raymond (Macedonian Regal Coinage to 413 B.C., New York, 1953) allotted this issue among the earliest coinage of Alexander I by means of similar motifs appearing on several octodrachms of the Macedonian king. This theory would be also consistent with hoard evidence which indicates that the Bisaltae eventually did not initiate their coinage until after 475 B.C., that is after their conquest by Alexander I.

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