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Lot 16

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Theodosius I. Solidus; Theodosius I; 379-395 AD, Constantinople, 388-92 AD, Solidus, 4.36g. RIC-71b (S), mintmark 3; C-11 (20 Fr.); Depeyrot-47 (p. 243, 10 spec. found with officina G). Obv: D N THEODO - SIVS P F AVG Rosette-diademed, draped, cuirassed bust r., seen from front. Rx: CONCORDI - A AVGGG G (officina 3) Constantinople seated front, head r., r. foot on prow, holding scepter and shield inscribed VOT / X / MVLT / XV, CONOB in exergue. The engraver of the reverse die had trouble fitting the inscription on the shield into the space available: the T of VOT, the T of MVLT, and the V of XV all overlap onto the border of the shield.

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