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Lot 43

Estimate: 2'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 1'600 CHF Price realized: 1'600 CHF
The Roman Republic
C. Cassius Longinus with Lentulus Spinther. Denarius, mint moving with Brutus and Cassius 43-42, AR 3.95 g.
Description: C·CASSI·IMP – LEIBERTAS Diademed head of Libertas r. Rev. Jug and lituus; below, LENTVLVS / SPINT. References: Babelon Cassia 16 and Cornelia 75
C 4
Sydenham 1307
Sear Imperators 221
RBW 1762
Crawford 500/3 Condition:Scarce. Delicate old cabinet tone and good extremely fine Provenance: Privately purchased from Spink & Son in June 1976
NAC sale 70, 2013, Student and his Mentor part I, 180 Note: Lentulus Spinther is perhaps the son of Spinther, cos 57, who became legendary for his lavish expenditure while aedile and praetor and whose taste, as evidenced by the bust of Libertas, was influenced by rich post-Sullan late Hellenistic style that characterises the period of Pompeys triumphs. The spelling of Leibertas is self-consciously archaic, evoking ancient virtues in a style redolent of denarii issued earlier under Brutus. The reverse type symbolises the augurate of Spinther (or, of course, Cassius), authenticating his activities as moneyer.

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