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Lot 63

Estimate: 2'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 1'600 CHF Price realized: 3'250 CHF
The Roman Empire
Octavian as Augustus, 27 BC – 14 AD. Denarius, Colonia Patricia (?) circa July 18-17/16 BC, AR 3.70 g.
Description: S P Q R IMP CAESARI AVG COS XI TR POT VI Bare head r. Rev. CIVIB·ET· SIGN·MILIT·A·PART·RECVPE Facing quadriga on central part of triumphal arch, figures l. and r. holding respectively standard and Aquila/bow. References: C 84 var. (RECVPER)
BMC 428
RIC 134a var. (RECVPER)
CBN 1232 var. (RECVPER) Condition:Very rare and unusually complete for the issue. A lovely old cabinet tone, insignificant nick on obverse field, otherwise about extremely fine Provenance: Morton & Eden sale 72, 2014, 105

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