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Lot 76

Estimate: 10'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 8'000 CHF Price realized: 18'000 CHF
The Roman Empire
Claudius, 41 – 54. Cistophoric tetradrachm, Ephesus (?) circa 41-54, AR 11.02 g.
Description: TI CLAVD – CAES AVG Bare head l. Rev. COM – ASI Distyle temple within which Claudius stands facing, on l., holding spear and globe, being crowned by female figure standing facing on r., holding cornucopiae in l. hand. Architrave inscribed ROM ET AVG. References: C 3
BMC 228
RIC 120
CBN 304
Kent-Hirmer pl. 53, 186
RPC 2221 Condition:Rare. A spectacular portrait and a superb iridescent tone, good extremely fine Provenance: Leu sale 71, 1997, 304
Leu sale 72, 1998, 413 Note: The cistophorus would be minted under Claudius for the first time since the great coinage of this denomination by Augustus. The Claudian mintages were nowhere near as extensive and the pieces that are seen usually show significant wear indicating that they circulated heavily. RIC indicates these issues may all be commemorative in nature and were not intended to be a regular coinage for the area. Of the cistophorus issues of Claudius there are four main types: Those including Agrippina (his wife); the issues dedicated to Artemis (Diana) and her temple, as above; the issues with ROM ET AVG temple reverses; and, late in his reign the issues identifying Nero as his successor.

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