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Lot 1003

Estimate: 350 CHF   |   Starting price: 280 CHF Price realized: 600 CHF
The Roman Republic
L. Hostilius Saserna. Denarius 48, AR 3.93 g. Female head r. with long hair; behind, carnix. Rev. L·HOSTILIVS – SASERNA Artemis standing facing, holding spear and placing r. hand on head of prancing stag. Babelon Hostilia 4. Sydenham 953. Sear Imperators 19. RBW 1570. Crawford 448/3.
A graffito on obverse field, otherwise extremely fine Ex Künker sale 158, 2009, 417.
While the obverse shows a Gallic female captive, the reverse likely refers to the city of Massilia; famous for the cult of Diana. Massilia had slowed down Caesar's advance towards the Pompeian troops in Spain. I decided to include this coin in my collection for the portrait of a Gallic woman. AMP.

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