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Lot 1004

Estimate: 600 CHF   |   Starting price: 480 CHF Price realized: 800 CHF
The Roman Republic
D. Iunius Brutus Albinus. Denarius 48, AR 4.15 g. A·POSTVMIVS – COS Bare head of A. Postumius r. Rev. ALBINV / BRVTI·F within wreath of corn ears. Babelon Postumia 14 and Junia 29. Sydenham 943a. Sear Imperators 27. RBW 1578. Crawford 450/3a.
Wonderful old cabinet tone and extremely fine Ex Aufhäuser sale 12, 1996, 377.
An exceptionally nice example of late Republican portraiture of the consul Aulus Postumius Albinus. Two consuls are known with this name, one in 151 and the other one in 99. This moneyer, Decimus Brutus, thus honoured his new adoptive family's ancestors, the gens Postumia. He served under Caesar in Gallia and was named by him as his second heir should Octavian have rejected the appointment. Despite this honour, Decimius Brutus joined the conspiracy of the Ides of March. The style of this portrait represents the Republican ideal of the elder Roman statesman. AMP.

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