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The Roman Republic
Sextus Pompeus. Denarius, Sicily 37-36, AR 3.54 g. MAG·[PIVS·IMP·I]TER Head of Cn. Pompeius Magnus r.; behind jug and before, lituus. Rev. PRÆF Neptune standing l., foot on prow, between the brothers Anapias and Amphinomus, with their parents on their shoulders; in exergue, [CL]AS·E.T·ORÆ / [MAR]IT·EX·S·C. Babelon Pompeia 27. C 17. Sydenham 1344. Sear Imperators 334. Woytek, Arma et Nummi p. 558. RBW 1785. Crawford 511/3a.
Rare. A wonderful portrait and a lovely old cabinet tone. Extremely fine Privately purchased from Martina Dieterle in 2011.
Illustrated on, section imagines imperatorum
Sextus Pompeius, younger son of Caesar's adversary Pompeius Magnus, fought the triumvirs Marcus Antonius, Octavian, and Lepdius from his base in Sicily. He issued coins with the portrait of his dead father that very closely follow a portrait type known from surviving sculptures in marble. The best known examples are in the Carlsberg Glyptothek museum in Copenhagen, and another in the Archaeological museum in Venice. The portrait on this coin is exceptionally close to the ”Copenhagen” portrait type. AMP.

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