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Lot 1022

Estimate: 600 CHF   |   Starting price: 480 CHF Price realized: 750 CHF
The Roman Empire
Octavian, 32 – 27 BC
After his adolescent portraits during the civil war against Marcus Antonius, some with a mourning beard, Octavian begins to develop a very different portrait style. Augustus' new and never aging, always beardless portraits reflect, in my opinion, a political attempt to distance himself from both the portraiture of the Hellenistic kings, as well as from the traditional ”mature” Republican portraits, used by the imperators of the late Republic. It has been speculated that Augustus wanted to connect rather to an even older portrait tradition, based on earlier Italic roots (see Ch Gliwitzky in the upcoming book on Roman portrait coins). Be as it may, his ageless young portraits were never adapted to his changing features, he had to stay forever young. AMP. Denarius, Brundisium and Roma ? circa 31-29 BC, AR 3.82 g. Bare head l. Rev. CAESAR – DIVI F Victory standing l. on globe, holding wreath and palm. C 64. BMC 603. RIC 254b. CBN 36.
Old cabinet tone. A banker’s mark on obverse and slightly
off-centre, otherwise good very fine Octavian is portrayed left after his victory at Actium. AMP.

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