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Lot 1034

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The Roman Empire
Octavian as Augustus, 27 BC – 14 AD
As (?), Nemausus circa 16/15 (?) – 10 BC, 523 Æ 12.93 g. IMP / DIVI F Head of Agrippa and Augustus back to back, the former wearing combined rostral crown and laurel wreath, the latter bare. Rev. COL – NEM Crocodile r., chained to palm-tree with long, vertical fronds; at the top of the tree, wreath with long ties. C 7. RIC 155 (circa 20-10 BC). RPC 523.
Dark green patina, usual adjustment marks, otherwise about extremely fine Privately purchased from Claude Burgan in 2010.
These bronze coins minted at Colonia Nemausus served as the main currency for the Roman legions sent to conquer Germania. They are found in all early military camps along the river Rhine as well as in Germania. These issues were gradually replaced first by bronze coins produced in Rome by Augustus’ moneyers, then by gold, silver, and bronze issues of the mint in Lugdunum. Interesting here is the lifetime portrait of Augustus’ friend, admiral, and later son in law Marcus Agrippa, also builder of the Pantheon in Rome. AMP.

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