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Estimate: 200 CHF   |   Starting price: 160 CHF Price realized: 180 CHF
The Roman Empire
In the name of Livia, wife of Augustus, and Julia his daughter
Livia has two distinct portrait types. The first, characterized by a hair nodus on her forehead and best represented on the marble bust in Copenhagen, is not represented on Roman issues but only on provincial coins. The second, with a centre part of the hairstyle in place of the nodus, is present on the dupondii minted under her son Tiberius in Roma. Marble sculptures are known where the first portrait type with a nodus was later reworked into the second portrait type, confirming the sequence of the portrait types. AMP. Charinos Grammateus. Bronze, Pergamum circa 10 – before 2 BC, Æ 3.66 g. LIBIAN HRAN [CARINOS] Draped bust of Livia r. Rev. IOULIAN [AFRODITHN] Draped bust of Julia r. BMC 249. SNG Copenhagen 647. RPC 2359. Green patina and very fine This coin allows us to differentiate between the portrait of Julia, daughter of Augustus, from Livia (Julia Augusta) his wife. Julia is shown as the goddess Aphrodite, Livia as the goddess Hera. On most other provincial coins the name Julia Augusta refers to Livia, not Julia, which can be very misleading. AMP.

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