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Lot 1072

Estimate: 4'500 CHF   |   Starting price: 3'600 CHF Price realized: 5'000 CHF
The Roman Empire
Claudius, 41-54
Denarius 50-54, AR 3.43 g. TI CLAVD CAESAR AVG GERM P M TRIB POT P P Laureate head of Claudius r. Rev. AGRIPPINAE – AVGVSTAE Draped bust of Agrippina r., wearing barley wreath. C 4. BMC 75. RIC 81. CBN 82 (Lugdunum).
Rare and in superb condition for this issue. Struck in high relief and with a lovely
light iridescent tone. Reverse slightly off-centre, otherwise extremely fine Ex NAC 27, 2004, 326 and Goldberg 46, 2008, Millennia 87 sales. Illustrated on, section imagines imperatorum
Agrippina the younger's portraits as Augusta express her very prominent and powerful position under her uncle and husband Claudius. On these emissions under Claudius she is still depicted on the reverse of a coin dedicated to her. As W. Eck observed, Agrippina’s powerful position is later even more prominent, on the first emission of her son Nero. On the obverse of these aurei and denari her portrait is presented together with her son Nero and with her name given in the nominative form. This clearly expressed to the Roman people that she was the major power behind the throne. AMP.

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