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Lot 1076

Estimate: 1'500 CHF   |   Starting price: 1'200 CHF Price realized: 1'800 CHF
The Roman Empire
Nero caesar, 50 – 54
Nero is the first emperor whose portrait evolves in stages from that of a young child to a mature young man. Major features that change in his portrait are the shape of the head and the development of the beard. AMP. Denarius 50-54, AR 3.66 g. NERONI CLAVDIO DRVSO GERM COS DESIGN Bare-headed and draped bust r. Rev. EQVESTER / OR – DO / PRINCIPI / IVVENT on shield with vertical spear behind. C 97. BMC Claudius 93. RIC Claudius 79. CBN Claudius 96 (Lugdunum).
Light iridescent tone and good very fine / about extremely fine On this denarius Nero is depicted as a child. AMP.

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