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Lot 1079

Estimate: 500 CHF   |   Starting price: 400 CHF Price realized: 550 CHF
The Roman Empire
Nero augustus, 54 – 68
Tetradrachm, uncertain mint in Syria 63-68, AR 15.12 g. NERO CLAVD DIVI C – LAVD F CAESAR AVG GER Laureate head of Nero r.; behind head, ivy leaf. Rev. DIVOS CLAVD AVG – GERMANIC PATER AVG Laureate head of Claudius r. BMC 171 (Antiochia). Sydenham Caesarea 64. RPC 4122 var. (no ivy leaf). Prieur 47. About extremely fine The resemblance between the two portraits of Claudius and Nero is a political message of continuity. AMP.

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