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Lot 1086

Estimate: 2'500 CHF   |   Starting price: 2'000 CHF Price realized: 3'000 CHF
The Roman Empire
Galba, 68 – 69
Denarius circa July 68-January 69, AR 3.16 g. IMP SER – GALBA AVG Laureate head r. Rev. VIR – TVS Virtus standing facing, holding parazonium and leaning on spear. C 341 var. (head bare). BMC 50. RIC 179. CBN 80. Very rare. An attractive portrait and a light iridescent tone, minor
area of weakness, otherwise extremely fine Ex Helios sale 6, 2011, 136.
Illustrated on, section imagines imperatorum.
Galba's portrait types vary considerably, especially considering how short his reign was. In my opinion portraits of this emperor from the Roman mint represent some of the most impressive artwork of all Roman coinage. AMP.

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