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Lot 1089

Estimate: 3'500 CHF   |   Starting price: 2'800 CHF Price realized: 4'000 CHF
The Roman Empire
Galba, 68 – 69
As, Tarraco (?) circa September to December 68, Æ 8.78 g. SER GALBA IMP AVGVSTVS Laureate head r., globe at point of bust. Rev. [QVA]DRAGENSVMAE REMISSAE Arch surmounted by two equestrian statues; to l., three captives, hands tied behind their backs, advancing r. below and towards arch with an officer behind them. C 166. BMC 205 note *. Kraay, HGG –. RIC 84. CBN –.
Extremely rare and possibly the finest specimen known. An unusual portrait and
a very interesting reverse composition. Dark green patina and good very fine This extremely rare coin with the victory arch is probably the finest known example of this type. Literature includes few examples, all in poor condition. AMP.
The reverse of this interesting coin commemorates the remission of the customary 2½% tax or customs duty (quadragensumae remissae) collected on goods crossing provincial borders which Galba had awarded to the provinces of Spain and Gaul for lending him support during the Civil War. The location of the equestrian arch shown on the right side of the reverse is not known, and in fact may not have even existed, being instead a planned construction that Galba never built due to his short reign or merely militaristic imagery meant to appeal to the legions, four of which were stationed in Spain. If it is an arch that Galba planned to build, then it is ironic considering his parsimonious reputation.

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