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Lot 1090

Estimate: 7'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 5'600 CHF Price realized: 7'000 CHF
The Roman Empire
Galba, 68 – 69
Sestertius circa October 68, Æ 24.88 g. SER GALBA IMP CAESAR AVG TR P Draped bust r. Rev. S P Q R / O B / CIV SER within oak-wreath. C 294. BMC p. 327 note ‡. RIC 405. CBN 210.
A lovely portrait struck in high relief and a superb tiber tone. About extremely fine Ex Leu 18, 1977, 303 and Nomos 1, 2009, 141. Illustrated on, section imagines imperatorum.
My interest in coins and coin photography started in the 1960s after seeing the famous book of Max Hirmer on Roman coins where a Galba and a Vitellius sestertius were shown, in enlargement, using the then revolutionary color print, while most coins were still in black and white. My forthcoming Roman portrait book is produced some 50 years later using the most advanced digital photography and color print technology of today. AMP.

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