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Lot 1097

Estimate: 250 CHF   |   Starting price: 200 CHF Price realized: 400 CHF
The Roman Empire
Vespasian, 69 – 79
Vespasian’s portraits continue the 'massive' portrait style developed under Nero, but with the addition of his very specific individual features. In my view, no two Vespasian portraits seem to be exactly alike, but all can be immediately recognized as himself. It is even possible to recognise in him the typical facial features of the farmers from the countryside around his birthplace Rieti. AMP. Denarius July-December 71, AR 3.30 g. IMP CAES VESP AVG P M Laureate head r. Rev. AVGVR / TR POT Priestly implements. C 43. BMC 50. RIC 43. CBN 36.
Light iridescent tone and about extremely fine This coin along with the following one show a strong early portrait type of Vespasian. AMP.

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