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Lot 89

Estimate: 4'000 EUR   |   Starting price: 2'400 EUR ---
Elektronhekte (1/6 Stater), 500 - 450. Bärtiger Kopf des Herakles mit Helm in Form eines Seeungeheuerkopfes (?) nach links, darunter Thunfisch nach links. Rs: quadratum incusum. Fritze -; SNG von Aulock 7291; Slg. Rosen 235; Greenwell -; BMC -. 2,68g. Selten. Interessanter fast quadratischer Schrötling, vorzüglich.4000,- It seems that the headdress is actually in the form of a ketos, one of the familiar sea monsters of Greek mythology which is most frequently seen on Sicilian coinage, in particular that of Katane and Syracuse. Given that the bearded head is less likely to represent Perseus (who appears beardless, as on von Fritze 65) it could well be Herakles, who killed a ketos in the course of rescuing the Trojan princess Hesione, daughter of Laomedon and sister of Priam. According to some versions of the myth, Herakles was swallowed whole by the monster, and slew it by hacking at its innards for three days until it died, by which time he had lost all his hair. Perhaps during the course of this contest, Herakles temporarily misplaced his trademark lion skin headdress, and resorted to covering his baldness with a nice ketos skin hat. Ex Numismatik Lanz Auktion 158/Los 222.

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