Numismatica Ars Classica, Zurich   |   Auction 100   |   29 May 2017
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Lot 95

Estimate: 12'000 CHF   |   Starting price: 9'600 CHF Online bidding closed
Syracuse. Tetradrachm signed by Eu… and Eukleidas circa 410, AR 17.27 g. Prancing quadriga driven l. by charioteer holding kentron and reins and leaning forward to restrain horses; above, Nike flying r. to crown him. Beneath horses, the signature EY; in exergue, dolphin swimming r. pursuing a fish (the latter off flan). Rev. ΣΥΡΑΚΟΣΙΟΣ Head of Arethusa l, wearing hook earring and necklace; hair is caught up at the back and styled in serpentine waves. Beneath chin, not visible, a diptych with inscribed tablets ΣΥΚΑ / ΣΙΑΑ. At either side of head, two dolphins swimming snout to snout. Rizzo pl. 42, 16 (these dies). Kent-Hirmer 100 (this reverse die). AMB 457 (these dies). Tudeer 30.
Rare. A very attractive issue, the work of two celebrated master-engravers. Minor traces
of overstriking on obverse, otherwise about extremely fine

From an American private collection.

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